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Take control of your website. It doesn't matter what type of website you run, the key to its success is relevant and up-to-date content. Using Backroom makes it simple by giving you all the tools needed to manage your website yourself. By custom building Backroom for your site, we make sure you have the tools you need without bloating it with tools you don't.

Fresh, Simply. Backroom is a completely customized content management system that can be built into any site we create, no matter the scale or content. When we launch your site, you have the capability to keep it up-to-date and running without ever contacting us. Saving you time, money and headaches.

Drag and Drop Organizing

Drag and Drop Organizing Organizing the order of media and data is made easy by allowing you to drag and drop.Giving you control over the order of products, photos and videos appearing on your site ensures visitors see what is important first.

Backroom Bar

Backroom Bar With the Backroom Bar you have an instant and contstant way to access and edit content directly from your website.This makes little changes much easier as you see them. New orders needing your attention are also displayed right there on the top of your site for easy notification.

Easily Upload Media

Easily Upload Media Upload and manage any type of media including images, audio, video and text documents without leaving your browser.Backroom can even allow you to upload and share files with other Backroom users.

E-Commerce Features

E-Commerce Features Backroom was first developed as an e-commerce tool and includes all the features needed to run a secure and successful webstore.Whether you are filling orders, adding products, creating discounts or managing inventory, you will find Backroom makes it easier every step of the way.

Manage Users

Manage Users Setup and manage users to make sure they can edit everything they should and nothing that they shouldn't. When you have a large group of users needing the ability to add and edit content, you rarely want to give everyone access to everything. With Backroom you can assign permissions to users making it easier for them to use and more comfortable for you to live with.

iTunes Style Quick Editing

iTunes Style Quick Editing Easily search, filter and edit any kind of data from one familiar screen. iTunes style quick editing of table data greatly simplifies the process of changing multiple products quickly without having to click and load each individual product page.

Rich Text Editor

Rich Text Editor Updating news posts, product descriptions or even blogs is easy with Backroom's rich-text editor.By customizing the in browser text-editor for your content, we make sure it can do everything you need without being over-complicated.

Site Statistics & Reports

Site Statistics & Reports Keep track of everything from site traffic to monthly sales with custom reports showing you only what you care about and nothing else.In addition to the extensive tools offered by Google Analytics, we also provide you with numbers like daily and monthly sales totals that can help you track the success of an ad campaign or the growth of your website over a period of time.

For more information about Backroom and it’s features, email us or call 773-572-8124